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An Impression of Kampung Life 甘榜印象

Instrumentation: 36 reeds Soprano Sheng solo

Duration: 10 minutes

Program Note:

Kampung means 'village' in Malay. By using various texture of Sheng, this piece pictures the atmosphere of village in Southeast Asia region. The composer applied the Gamelan tune and Sheng extended technique to enrich the colors of the music.


甘榜,即马来文 Kampung 的译文,乡村的意思。作者通过笙这种多声乐器的不同织体形态,以描绘南洋一带乡村风情的色彩。此外,作者在创作上不仅仅运用了甘美兰特有的音调特征,还企图通过乐器新的色彩性的奏法,使作品富有浓郁的地域特色。 


“Yan Huang” Award for Sheng Composition First Prize, China, 2009

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