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Guanzi Concerto 管子协奏曲

Instrumentation: Guanzi solo and Chinese Orchestra (222, 221, 1111, 1111, Plucked Strings, 6 Perc, Strings)

Duration: 30 minutes

Program Note:

The composer intends to explore new sound and conversations between Guanzi and Orchestra to create new impression of the Guanzi.


The first movement is written in an Impressionism-liked style, the Guanzi solo and the orchestra mainly performed in a call and response manner.


The fourth movement is written in a Scherzo-liked style, and incorporated with the musical style of Jazz and Minimalism.


The fifth movement is written in a Rhapsody-liked style, consisted of three main sections: the fast section, the free section and the coda.

***Second and third movement are not complete yet.











Premiere (1st movement):

Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra on 3/1/2016 at Hong Kong Academy of Performing Arts Concert Hall

Chew Hee-Chiat, Conductor

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