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From Heaven to the Dark Gate 

Instrumentation: 3333, 4331, Timp, 3 Perc, Hp, Pf, Strings

Duration: 2 minutes 20 second

Program Note:

Dedicated to Braydyn Lents and Jessie Browns for Indiana Unviersity Jacobs School of Music Kids Compose Project . This piece is based on two themes by Braydyn Lents's "London Anthem" and Jessie Brown's "Untitled" where "London Anthem" featured the religious, sacred and majestic emotion while "Untitled" pictured the marching band for a group of monsters that full of dark humor.I attempt to create two contrast moments in moving the music forward and by doing so, this will keep giving suprise and pleasure to the performers and audiences. 


Indiana University Philharmonic Orchestra in February 12, 2013 at Musical Arts Centre (Indiana, United States) 

Nicholas Hersh, Conductor


American Composers Alliance [buy score here]

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