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Getaran II

Instrumentation: 3333, 4331, Timp, 2 Perc, Hp, Strings

Duration: 7 minutes

Program Note:

Getaran is a Malay word, which means the shaking, vibration, or even the feeling of pulse in this nature. My intent is to express the excitement emotion and the energy of the youth generation that live in this new era, the 21st century.

Music has always be the art of sound. As for me, music is not only to convey composer’s personal idea, but it is some kind of way that could connect and impress everyone, from composer to performers and finally the audiences. “Getaran” is the energy of nature, but I hope in here, by music, it became the medium or energy to bring everyone unite together, and communicate with each other with a different “language”. 

Reading session:

Indiana University Symphony Orchestra in November 28, 2011 at Bloomington, IN

Elliot Bark, Conductor

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