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Kampung 甘榜鄉情

Instrumentation: (Chinese Orchestra) 222, 211, 2111, Guan, Plucking Instruments, Hp, 6 Perc, Strings

Duration: 12 minutes

Program Note:

Kampung is the Malay word which means “village”. I grew up in a city, and never have such experience of village life. However, it’s my dream to have a different life in the kampung and through this piece, it shall express the frustrated feeling towards the village life. 


甘榜,即马来文 Kampung 的译文,乡村的意思。作者自小就在城市成长,并没有长期 亲身在乡间生活的体验以及回忆。而这部作品,纯粹只是作者自身对远离大城市的乡间生 活一种情感的抒发及想象,通过音乐来表现心中所向往的那种纯朴乡村风情。


Taipei Chinese Orchestra International Composition Competition Second Prize, Taiwan, 2010 

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