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Instrumentation: Cl, Hp, Vln, Vc

Duration: 8 minutes

Program Note:

By choosing different combination from wind (Clarinet), plucking (Harp) and strings (Violin & Cello) instruments, I attempt to seek the possibilities in shaping variety of musical characters, dimensions, textures, tone colors and interaction between the instruments that interprets the idea of variant, changeable but always related. The music is divided into two movements in depicting the different tradition philosophy ideas between Eastern and Western:

I. Sparkle

I was inspired by the moment where the sunlight shines on the water surface that creates lots of sparkling points, stars and reflections. From harp solo, the music slowly introduces the other instruments one by one to build the density of the music from simple to complicated motion and finally, back in peace in the end. Using the pentatonic scale as the elementary basis pitch structure, Sparkle emphasizes more on the elegant style of eastern philosophy aesthetic.

II. Elegy

Just like the title, the music conveys the emotion of solemn and mournful mood. Begins with hymn-liked harmony by the trio of Clarinet, Violin and Cello, the harp later entered with the sound like the bells from far away while the other instruments like the floating echo surrounds the bells sound. Contrasting with the first movement, Elegy attempts in searching and trying to impress the deep expressiveness and melancholy emotion from a person inner self. 


American Composers Alliance [buy score here]

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