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Instrumentation: Alto Sheng, Yangqin, Erhu, Cello

Duration: 6 minutes

Program Note:

The scenery inspires composer when the sunlight shines on the water surface that creates a lots of sparkling points, stars and reflections. By combining wind (Zhongyin Sheng), plucking (Yangqin) and strings (Erhu & Cello) of Chinese and Western instruments, composer attempts to seek the possibilities in shaping variety of musical characters, dimensions, textures, tone colors and interaction between the instruments that interprets the idea of variant, changeable but always related, just like the influence between sunlight, water and the sparkle. 


《烁》的灵感来源自由阳光照耀在水面上所反射产生的闪烁光芒。作曲家企图 使用来自东西方不同乐器种类,其中包括吹管(中音笙)、弹拨(扬琴)以及 弦乐(二胡与大提琴)的组合以探索它们各种各样的乐器特点、织体、音色和 音乐语言之间的种种可能性及火花,以描绘闪烁光芒的多变性,同时阳光、水 面以及反射的光芒互相之间不可忽略的密切关系。

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