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Spirit of the Rattling Earth 舞动的土地

Instrumentation: Mixed Chorus and Percussion

Duration: 8 minutes

Program Note:

This piece describes the life of the Malay villages in South East Asia. It is composed using the unique tonality and the rhythm of Gamelan music and the joyous rhythm of the Malay Kompangs (Malay hand drums) was also used to bring out the regionalism. The chorus also performed body percussion and made use of small percussive accessories such as tambourine, triangle, shaker etc. while singing to further portray the joyous and happy occasions of the villages. This piece was awarded the first prize of the 2009 Palatino Awards that was organized by the Beijing Central Conservatory of Music, China.




Palatino Award for vocal and chorus music First Prize, Beijing, China, 2009

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