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Three Short Malay Pieces

Instrumentation: Piano Four Hands 

Duration: 6 minutes

Program Note:

  1. Ikan Kekek (The Fish Snicker)

  2. Burung Kakak Tua (The Cockatoo)

  3. Rasa Sayang (Feeling In Love)


Originally, all these Malay folk tunes are simple, tuneful and lyrical. With different compositional interpretation techniques, each movement brings a new fresh look to the folk tune. Ikan Kekek begins with a bell-liked fanfare song that later becomes a two-part counter melodies with a strong Southeast Asian Gamelan music influence and sounds; with an ostinato accompaniment figure, Burung Kakak Tua theme later presented in an off-beat rhythm that created a rather melancholy but expressive emotion; Rasa Sayang is presented in a ternary form where in the beginning, mixing with complex combination of rhythms in division of duple and triple, Rasa Sayang theme performed in a dance-liked festive music that later change to a naïve and animated figure with lots of leaps in between, and soon finally ended the piece in a more majestic and glorious moment.

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